About me

I have over 20 years of experience and success in the creation of high quality artwork designed to withstand the rigours of the public space. Works have been in 3 dimensions, as well as ground and wall based relief. Over the years I have made new works for town centres, community gardens, public recreation grounds, local authority buildings, housing association developments as well as libraries, hospitals and health centres.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Next Chapter

Today, Wednesday 26th August, I signed the lease on the new studio. This is going to be 'home' for the next few years, all 2090sqft of it!

Main entrance.

The yard.

Office/exhibition space leading into main workshop.

Main workshop.

Clay/wet materials room.

Obviously there is quite a lot of work to do. I realise to the uninitiated this merely looks like a big grotty shed... to me it is a whole new begining.
Today we hired a van and started the big lift and shift. I expect this is going to take two or three days.... or perhaps I should say weeks.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

SWLP Official Opening

Saturday August 22nd, the official opening of the Waterfront Gardens.
The afternoon began with David Lewis, Heritage Officer, leading a guided walk through the streets to the waterfront.

After the speeches balloons were released to announce the opening.

Members of the team (Landscape Architects, Contractors, Renaissance Officers) brought their families to see what we'd been working on.

I brought my Mum down from Scotland and my nephew joined us from Stoke. The afternoon went really well and people seem to like the end result.

I'm quite pleased with it too!

Monday, 10 August 2009

Time Line

After months of waiting, finally, on Sunday 9th August the Time Line was installed.

I'm really pleased with the end result.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Celebrating Creative Selby

Creative Selby, the networking organisation for creative professionals living and working in Selby District put together an exhibition at Selby Town Hall on the weekend of 7th August. Friday evening saw around 60 invited guests, including local Town and District Councillors, Arts professionals and John Grogan Labour MP for Selby District who were given the opportunity to speak to the artists and learn a little about the creative practitioners in the area. A number of presentations were given by selected organisations as well as a musical performance by Alan Cuckston.

The event was open to the public on Saturday 8th.

There was a good turn out and people were genuinely interested and enthusiastic. I received a great deal of positive feedback and encouragement from taking part. I hope events of this type will be repeated in the future as anything that raises the profile of the creative businesses in the area is worth pursuing.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Re-Launch Completed

A fine sunny Sunday afternoon provided the perfect opportunity to photograph the completed works in Linear Park. Re-Launch is now all pointed and painted.
All that is left to do is install the Time Line. This will happen towards the end of the week... weather permitting.

An HDR image making the sky look very dramatic behind the sculpture.

Miner detail.

Detail of the Medieval Miller.

Mr Miner again... the oars of the boat represent the tree of life/regeneration.

Miner and Miller

Miner and Monk

Completed Swans

Today I went down to the waterfront to clean and paint the Swans. They had been fairly well washed in the torrential rain of yesterday so really all I needed to do was clean off a bit of cement from the bases and give them a final paint.

That is it they are now completed.

Yesterday I drove around the town so that I could approach them from the 4 junctions of the cross roads. I am pleased with how they look... However I see things that others will not, bits I want to tweak. I always feel it is best not to feel too pleased with your work as there is always room for improvement!