About me

I have over 20 years of experience and success in the creation of high quality artwork designed to withstand the rigours of the public space. Works have been in 3 dimensions, as well as ground and wall based relief. Over the years I have made new works for town centres, community gardens, public recreation grounds, local authority buildings, housing association developments as well as libraries, hospitals and health centres.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Llwynypia March 16th 2009 All the balls together

Llwynypia March 16th 2009 'Half in Half'

The final stone piece is fitted into its 'husk'

Please note the attention to detail;
Ratchet straps colour co-ordinated with stains on boiler suit, even the boots match the ensemble... an attractive little number, a must have for the mid-career artist about town!!

Llwynypia March 16th 2009

After a lot of grinding, a bit of swearing and a trapped finger, the stone 'slices' are now fitted snugly into the steel 'husks'.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Re-launch March 11th

Today some disturbing news was announced regarding the main contractor for the project. Apparently the administrators have been called in due to RBS foreclosing on their overdraft. At present, although my work is currently on schedule, I do not know how this will affect my input to the Linear Park.

Re-launch March 9th

The piece is really taking shape now. I feel I am only a few days away from completing the carving, ready for the foundry.

SWLP Re-launch 04/03/09

The piece is rapidly progressing.

SWLP site in progress 25th Feb 2009

Work in progress taken on 25/02/09. The site has been cleared.